Benefits of an Irrigation System

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  • Execute irrigation projects to meet all specifications and requirements
  • Prepare installation sites, including layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading and back-filling.
  • Cut and join pipe, know the limitations of different piping systems, and understand basic hydraulics.
  • Lay out and install piping and water delivery components; backflow prevention components; mechanical, hydraulic and electrical irrigation controls; and other irrigation system components.
  • Troubleshoot and repair irrigation components and systems.
  • Understand good business practices; construction contracts and their legal rights and obligations; and licensing laws and codes in their state.
  • Installs quality irrigation systems with genuine Rain Bird products, no substitutions.
  • Is a trained and experienced professional irrigation contractor with a history of customer satisfaction.
  • is highly skilled in both system installation and service
  • Will protect your drinking water supply by installing the appropriate backflow preventer, according to local codes.
  • Will select the right Rain Bird products for the unique needs of your landscape.
  • Will program your controller to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Will instruct you on how to adjust your system's watering schedule to meet seasonal requirements.
  • An in-stem pressure regulator distributes a consistent water pressure in all your zones. Every 5psi reduction in psi reduces water usage by 6-8 percent. Using a 5000 series rotor from Rain Bird can save 15-45 percent of your water a year. The spray head can save up to 50 percent of your water.
  • High Efficiency Nozzles delivers Rain Bird “Rain Curtain” technology which gives a blanket of thick water droplets in a uniform pattern. This eliminates over and under spraying. The water is less affected by the wind and ensures the water you are putting out is going down on your landscape. The High Efficiency Nozzles for the spray heads require 60 percent less flow than the standard spray head. You can save up to 30 percent of your water per zone.
  • Minimal to no evaporation of water
  • Puts water directly on plant roots where water can be absorbed quickly.
  • Great for plants like roses whose leaves can be burnt quickly by the sun if the leaves have water droplets on them.
  • This feature does not keep a live main, which is a main line under constant pressure, when installed. This will prevent massive water bills if the mainline is broke or a zone becomes stuck in the on position.
  • This sensor turns your irrigation system off when nature decides to water your yard for you.
  • This sensor will take the guess work out of irrigating and will only water when your landscape needs to be watered. Can give you up to a 50 percent improvement in water usage.
  • ET or Evapotranspiration is water that evaporates from the dirt. Plants use transpiration of soil moisture to cool themselves much like humans use perspiration.  Plants also use water to photosynthesize. ET is the measurement of all these water losses.
  • So the Smart Controller uses the local weather data and a pre-determined ET to give your landscape the exact amount of water it needs. This eliminates the under and over watering thus saving you money through eliminating excessive watering and saving you up to 40 percent.
  • Soak/Cycle Programs are when the irrigation comes on and gives the landscape short water bursts that saturates your yard and then shut down. This eliminates excessive water use and loss. When a system waters for a long period of time the soil reaches its max saturation level and then the water will just runs off, wasting large amounts of water. The short/multiple water bursts allows your landscape to soak up all the water your system is putting down, saving you money through the water you’re putting down.

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